GMO Analysis and Food Safety Detection Lab


一、Research Fields
Rice reproductive development;Development of GMO analysis methods: validation of new reference genes, qualitative and quantitative PCR methods, reference molecules and one database on GMOs analysis being developed.



Dabing Zhang

Litao Yang

Wanqi Liang

Jianxin Shi


三、Research Achievement
The scientific achievements of the team are mainly on identification of functional genes related to rice yield and analysis of transgenic plants. We employed various approaches such as genetics and biochemistry etc to dissect the important agricultural traits of rice, and these works led to the identification of rice genes with agricultural importance. Using the forward genetics approach, we generated and genetically identified around 666 rice mutants with agricultural traits such as pollen defect, changed seed number etc. Based map-based cloning approach he cloned and identified eight crucial genes such as TDR (Tapetum Degeneration Retardation), FON4 (Floral Organ Number) and REP1 (RETARDED PALEA1) for controlling the formation of pollen and spikelet/flower in rice.

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