Dr. Luh


       Dr. Luh (1916-2001) was born in Shanghai, China. He earned his B.Sc. in chemistry in 1938 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). He then obtained his M.Sc. in 1948 and PhD in 1952,at the University of California, Berkeley in food science and food chemistry, respectively. Following this, Dr. Luh accepted a position as professor at the University of California, Davis.

       Dr. Luh was an excellent scientist and became well-known for his studies related to pectin retention during tomato processing, browning of peaches, and softening of canned apricots. Dr. Luh published over 200 research papers and wrote 3 textbooks and 86 major chapters in other books.  He played an important role in the development of modern food technology, which greatly benefited California, the United States and eventually the whole world.

       Dr. Luh was an excellent teacher and supervisor. He has supervised over 100 students from abroad, many of whom have been appointed in distinguished positions in academia, government and industry.
       Professor Luh had been writing during his entire life. His book relates the basic principles and key issues of food processing, food chemistry, food and nutrition and food safety as well as fruit and vegetable storage. In addition to more than 200 research papers published, Professor Luh has published three books and edited 86 main chapters in a number of books. After retirement, he did not stop working. His last publication was a chapter in a book which was related to rice processing and published in 2001.
       Professor Luh's proposal was adopted by many institutions. He has been invited to serve as consultant of AID (Agency for International Development) (1965-1967), consultant of UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) Taiwan (1968-1969), consultant of the United Nations Austria (1972-1973), advisor of Taiwan National Academy of Sciences (1973-1977), adviser of the World Bank of China (1985-1987). He also served as consultant of Chinese Engineers Association food processing (1969-1973), consultant of  Hsinchu, Taiwan Institute of Food Processing (1970-1971), Hsinchu, Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology Adviser (1971-73) and advisor of Hsinchu, Taiwan Institute of Food Industry Research and Development (1972-1977). In addition, Professor Luh was the founder, the organizer and the first chairman of "US-China Food Association", which was founded in 1975.
       Because of his outstanding contribution in food science and food processing, Professor Luh received many honors. In 1980, he received the Outstanding Contribution Award given by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Great Contribution and Achievement Award for international food science and technology, given by the US-China Food Association. In 1986, he was selected director of Institute of Food Technologists. In 1994, the California Food Manufacturers Alliance awarded him the Outstanding Contribution Award. In 2005, American Society of Food Science and Technology swathed the name of “International Award”, which had been set up for many years, into “BSLuh International Award”. The great contribution of Dr. Luh earned him this honor.
       Professor Luh is not only a scientist and researcher, and is an enthusiastic loving international friend. He was generous, kind, and always walked the talk. He gave his knowledge to graduates, undergraduates and visiting scholars from around the world unreservedly; he had visited around the world to give lectures, and helped many countries to develop food science and technology in person. He had also been invited by several international student brides from abroad as "substituting dad" on their weddings because they cannot have their own fathers present. As one of his colleagues once said, "Professor Luh is like my grandfather even though I'm not a graduate of the University of California, Davis. He treated me like his students, and was very concerned about my research and personal life. " On May 2001, Department of Food Science, University of California (Davis) received another donation from Professor Luh after his retirement-- a donation for the construction of “Bor. S. Luh Food Laboratory". When asked why he was always generous to others, Professor Luh always replied humbly, “Comparing to what I have got from others, what I have done in return is only a small part."

       Dr. Luh paid much attention to the development of his alma mater, SJTU, especially the development of research and education of food science at SJTU. In 2003, after Dr. Luh passed away, Mr. Yaning Li, one of Dr. Luh’s outstanding students, was entrusted by Mrs. Luh to set up a “Bor S. Luh Foundation”at SJTU. 200,000 US dollars from this foundation was contributed to the Department of Food Science and Technology, SJTU. With the endeavor of Mr. Yaning Li, in April 2004, the “Bor S. Luh Food Engineering Laboratory” was established. In the same time, the “SJTU Bor S. Luh Alumni Scholarship”was first awarded to the outstanding students studying in the Department of Food Science and Technology. In April 2005, “Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center” was established.

       Dr. Bor S. Luh is a great pride of Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center and SJTU. Encouraged by the spirit of Dr. Luh, the Center will bring up more and more excellent student to dedicate to food science research and food industry.

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