Global Markets Program on Food Safety


“SJTU-SSAFE-GFSI Global Markets Program on Food Safety”is a capacity building program for small and/or less developed businesses that will develop effective food safety management systems through a systematic continuous improvement process.


Cooperative Enterprise:
Supply Safe Affordable Food Everywhere
Global Food Safety Initiative
China Food Safety Initiative


To Improve local knowledge and awareness on GFSI schemes and food safety practices
To Build food safety capacity in local market
To Increase Food Safety awareness; promote public and private partnership & collaboration


-Food Safety Management System (Specifications, traceability,  Incident Management, Control of Non-Conforming Product , Corrective Action)
-GMP( Personal Hygiene, Facilities and Environment, Cleaning and Disinfection, Product Contamination Control, Pest Control, Water Quality )
-Control of Food Hazards (General and Specific、Allergens)
-Basic HACCP concept








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