Better Process Control School


Better Process Control School is a training program cooperated by GMA Science Education Foundation and SJTU Bor S.Luh Food Safety Center. The training focuses on Canned Food and principles of thermal process control, acidification and container closure evaluation.

According to FDA regulations, each processor of low-acid and acidified low-acid canned foods, including pet foods, must operate with a trained supervisor on hand at all times. Similar USDA/FSIS regulations and training requirements are in place for thermally processed meat and poultry products. These regulations are designed to prevent public health problems in these types of foods. Our BPCS teaches the practical applications of the principles underlying these regulations.


Topics to be presented:
Aseptic processing and packaging systems
Retort operations
FDA Guidelines and regulation compliance
Microbiology of thermally processed foods
Principles of thermal processing
Food plant sanitation
Container closure evaluations
This course has been specifically designed for supervisors, quality control technicians, line workers involved in retort operations, aseptic processing and packaging system operators and container closure inspectors at facilities that produce or handle low-acid and acidified canned foods. Upon successful completion of the course and several exams (with a minimum passing score of 70%), you will be granted a certificate of training from GMA SEF and SJTU.



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