Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center carried out food safety education during China Food Safety Publicity Week

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Recently, the 7th China Food Safety Publicity Week was started. “Esteem virtue and abide by the law · Govern and share food safety” is taken as the theme this year. In order to deepen the implementation of the food safety activity “Enter office, enter enterprise, enter community, enter township, enter school, enter religious activity venue, enter military camp, enter family”, improve self-protection ability of students in food safety during summer vacation, and strengthen juvenile’s awareness about food safety, SJTU-Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center went hand in hand with Jiangchuan Road Sub-district Office to carry out the campus education activities about food safety for nearly 320 pupils in Qilun Primary School of Minhang District. Fu Weiyan and Yang Xiaowei from Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center, Peng Yongzheng from Pujiang Green Valley Base participated in the activity.



The activity was focused on precautions of food safety during the students’ summer holiday. Fu Weiyan talked about the concept about food safety, knowledge about food safety and nutrition, playing video about five essentials of food safety, explaining how to choose qualified food. In the activity, in order to make the students have a better understanding of food safety knowledge, they were invited to take part in interactive Q&A. Besides, the students were encouraged to get involved in food safety supervision, and dial the hotline for food safety report 12331 in time once any problem is found. The Center also prepared the picture book with food safety as the theme Journey to Earth Kitchen provided by China Children and Teenagers Foundation as well as chili seedlings cultivated in Pujiang Green Valley Base as the prize. Finally, staff of the Sub-district Food and Drug Safety Office distributed 120 fans in which five essentials of food safety are printed to the students. The students behaved very actively throughout the activity.


The campus education activities about food safety enjoyed great popularity among a wide range of teachers and students. The vivid and interesting lecture on food safety to the students on the occasion of the coming summer vacation not only improved students’ awareness rate about food safety, but also helped students establish the idea about healthy diet.

Written by Fu Weiyan

Photographed by Yang Xiaowei


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