Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center successfully held the activity of scientific interpretation about food safety in the community

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In order to earnestly implement the Regulations of Shanghai on Food Safety, build a city of food safety which can satisfy the need of citizens, invited by relevant personnel of Jiangchuan Road Sub-district Office of Minhang District, Shanghai, Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center carried out the activity to popularize scientific knowledge Scientific Interpretation about Hot Issues in Food Safety at the sub-district community activity center on June 2, 2017. The members of Zhi Geng Nong Yuan Science & Technology Association Wang Yue, Wu Yizhao and Xu Ke made interpretation to 80 community inhabitants.





Xu Ke acted as the host. He put emphasis on the importance of food safety in the daily life in a quite approachable way. Shortly afterwards, Wang Yue applied practical cases to make analysis of misconception in food safety, and popularized agricultural knowledge. As for the safety of genetically-modified food, Wang Yue made scientific explanation in terms of the types, laws and regulations, and principles about it, quoted the conclusion “All genetically-modified food available in the market at present is safe” drawn by Codex Alimentarius Commission together with WHO in 2003 to dispel inhabitants’ doubt on it. In addition, Wang Yue also made specialized interpretation in terms of seedless fruit, food additive, food toxin and etc.


The audience enthusiastically participated in the competition to be the first to answer questions about food safety knowledge, and spoke out their concerns and questions.


In this activity, analysis was made concerning hot issues in the food field. Besides, agricultural knowledge closely related to life was popularized, explanation was made in terms of misunderstandings in food safety, everyone was initiated to reflect on comments around him, and never believe false media reports easily. It is believed that the audience will deepen their understanding of food safety through this activity.

                                            News release: Wang Yue, Qiu Chen


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