Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center provided training about contaminants in foods for Danone

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In order to assist Danone in improving its internal safety control technology of food supply chain, on April 26, the advisors of our center Professor Lu Yitong and Teacher Fu Weiyan were invited to Beijing to make a special topic training about food contaminants for 15 employees of the Quality & Food Safety Department of  Danone.

Lu Yitong made a comprehensive, systematic and vivid explanation in simple language with various cases as examples in terms of general situation about food safety, sources, prevention and control, hazard of food contaminants, and gave detailed answers to the questions presented by learners with patience. During the lecture, with active classroom climate and tremendous response from trainee, the course was well received by Danone employees.

Our center signed the cooperative agreement about capacity building of food safety with Danone at the beginning of 2017. The agreement includes food safety training to Danone employees’, “Seed program” of SJTU postgraduates, new technology research & development and academic conference. The training initiated a new chapter of cooperation between our center and Danone, and also laid a solid foundation for subsequent favorable cooperation of both parties.

Written by Yang Xiaowei

Photographed by Fu Weiyan


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