Enterprise Exchange Meeting for Promotion of Technology for “Potato as a Staple Food”

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On the morning of November 23, General Manager of Guangxi Green Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Li Riyu, President of Tianjin Yangyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Liu Wei and Director of Chuzhou Branch of Shanghai Cixiang Institute of Bio-Medicine Guo Jianhua were invited by Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University to visit Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Agriculture and Biology, conducting cooperation and exchange on technology for “potato as a staple food” and the relevant marketing. The meeting was presided over by Professor Zhou Pei, Dean of School of Agriculture and Biology & Director of Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center.

In the meeting, Professor Cai Run of this School introduced the research basis of his team for breeding and culturing of potato. He indicated that the detoxification technology of potato had been relatively mature and, during the planting and promotion of potato in the south, the key problems were the selection and hybridization of plantlet. And then, Professor Wang Zhengwu made a report on the processing and nutrition of potato, explaining the present situation and technical bottleneck of potato industry in China.

And then, Mr. Li Riyu introduced the enterprise development situation and development direction of potato processing to the participants. Mr. Liu Wei made a report with the title of “brief talk on potato industry”. He analyzed and explained the present situation of international potato industry market, planting situation of potato in China and the consumption characteristics in details, introduced the successful planting of potato by Yangyu Company in Guangxi, which attracted a heated discussion among the participants. Then, Mr. Guo Jianhua made a report on the development of his team on the deep processing and marketing of potato.

At last, Secretary of the School Ms. Qi Hong made a summary, indicating that the strategy of “potato as a staple food” was of great significance to the School of Agriculture and Biology and the School would spare no pains to support this project.

Potato is irreplaceable in guaranteeing the national food security, meeting the nutritional requirements of the Chinese and mitigating the resources and environment stress. This meeting plays an active role in implementing the national policies, promoting our cooperation with enterprises and developing the strategy of “potato as a staple food” in Shanghai.

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