Wei Cai


Wei Cai
Biological, Agricultural, Medical and Pharmaceutical Disciplines



Wei CAI,male, born in Xiaoshan Zhejiang in November 1959. He is a professor of medicine and has lot of titles, such as Vice chairman of Shanghai Political Consultative Congress, Vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University, President of Shanghai graduate school of Pediatrics and so on.

During November, 1995 and May, 1998, he went to visit Children's Hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, General Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. USA.

Prof.Cai received many awards: The Fifth for Youth Science and Technology of China award, Seven-time winner (2nd or 3rd step) of State Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Shanghai City Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Minister of Health of the first annual Young Star of Medical Technology and so on.

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