Shuqiang Su


Shuqiang Su, PhD, Assistant Professor.      

Latest Degree: Ph. D. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology-2004.

Teaching course: New Technique of Food Engineering, Innovation of Science and technology for
Food Engineering, Application of Computer in Food Engineering.

Research Interests: Participated in the projects of “The research of the thermophysics in clinical medicine”, a part of the key project of National Science Fund Committee; “Study on the moden logistics and trading models for fresh agricultural products”, a part of the key project of national “Ten Five” scientific research; etc. Having developed some devices as MTM freeze dryer, LN2 self-driven supplier, data collecting system for vacuum cooling machine, etc. Optimized the freeze-drying process of the fibrinogen and liposome.

Publications: Ten research papers published on Chinese or international journals.
Nine patents were authorized.

Email :    Tel : 86-21-34206613

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