Yun Deng


Yun Deng, PhD, Associate Professor.

Teaching course: Experiments of Food Engineering Principle, Comprehensive Experiments of Food Science and Engineering (1)

Professional Activities:Member of Institute of Food Technologists

Research Interests: 1. Food Freezing and cold
                                2.Nanostructure, dynamics and function of food macromolecules 
                                3. New Minimal processing of foods 

Representative Publications

Deng Y et al. Effects of pulsed-vacuum and ultrasound on the osmodehydration kinetics and microstructure of apples (Fuji). Journal of Food Engineering, 2008, 85(1): 84-93


Deng Y et al.  Effect of pulsed vacuum and ultrasound osmopretreatments on glass transition temperature, texture, microstructure and calcium penetration of dried apples (Fuji). Lwt-Food Science and Technology, 2008, 41(9): 1575-1585

Deng Y, Wu Y, Li YF. Effects of high CO2 and low O2 atmospheres on the berry drop of ’Kyoho’ grapes. Food Chemistry, 2007, 100(2): 768-773

Deng Y, Wu Y, Li YF, et al.  A mathematical model for predicting grape berry drop during storage. Journ-al of Food Engineering, 2007, 78(2): 500-511

Deng Y, Wu Y, Li YF, et al. Studies of postharvest berry abscission of ’Kyoho’ table grapes during cold storage and high oxygen atmospheres. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 2007, 43(1): 95-101

Deng Y, Wu Y, Li YF. Changes in firmness, cell wall composition and cell wall hydrolases of grapes stor-ed in high oxygen atmospheres. Food Research International,2005, 38(7): 769-776

Email :    Phone : 86-21-34206613

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