Lihua Song


Lihua Song, PhD, Associate Researcher.  She obtained the PhD from the Second Military Medical Univ-ersity. She mainly gives lecture in 《Physical and Chemical Methods for Food Analysis》, 《Food Preser-vat-ion at Low Temperature》、《Food Biotechnology》, and engaged in the research of nutrition and dis-ease, the biological activity of functional ingredients, and the preservation of food. 

In recent years, she published more than twenty pieces of papers in 《Journal of radiation research》,《European journal of nutrition》, 《Acta Nutrimenta Sinica》 and 《Food science》,et al. The paper “Ge-ne expression profiles in the liver of mice irradiated with 60Co gamma rays and treated with soybean isoflavone” was awarded excellent paper. 
In addition, she compiled several literature 《The recipe of anti senescence》, 《Medicine diet for gyn-ecological disease》as editor in chief, and 《The theory of food engineer》, 《clinical nutrition》, 《prac-tical nutrition》as complier. The research projects “the preventive effects of tea and its relative produ-cts on hyperlipemia and radiation injury”, which she participated in obtained national commercial progr-ess award.

She took charge of several important research funds such as National Natural Science Foundation,Shanghai Natural Science Foundation,etc. In addition, she has participated in many important research projects of her research group.


Email :   Tel : 86-21-34205717

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