Yunfei Li


Yunfei Li, PhD, Professor of Food Engineering. Visiting Scholar at University of Minnesota(1985-1986).

Research Interests: 1. Food processing & preservation
                                  2. Food texture & physical properties 

Teaching course: Principle of Food Engineering, Physical Properties of Food. 

Publications: 50 research papers published in Chinese or international journals.

1. Hongshun Yang,Yifen Wang, Shaojuan Lai, Hongjie An, Yunfei Li ,  , Fusheng Chen, Application of At-omic Force Microscopy as a Nanotechnology Tool in Food Science,  Journal of Food Science, 72 (4), R65–R75 2007
2. Ran Zhou and Yunfei Li ,  ,, Texture analysis of MR image for predicting the firmness of Huanghua pe-ars (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai, cv, Huanghua) during storage using an artificial neural network. Magnetic Re-sonance Imaging, 25, 727-732, 2007
3. Ran Zhou, Shuqiang Su, Liping Yan and Yunfei Li , Effect of Transport vibration levels on mechanical damage and physiological responses of Huanghua Pears (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai, cv, Huanghua), Postha-rvest Biology and Technology, Volume 46, 20-28, 2007
4. Ran Zhou, Shuqiang Su and Yunfei Li , Effects of Cushioning Materials on the Firmness of Huanghua Pears (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai, cv, Huanghua) during Distribution and Storage, Packaging Technology and Science, 2008
5. Ying Wua, Yun Dengb, c and Yunfei Lia,  Changes in enzyme activities in abscission zone and berry drop of ‘Kyoho’ grapes under high O2 or CO2 atmospheric storage, LWT - Food Science and Techn-ology ,Volume 41, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 175-179
6. Ran Zhoua,b, Yun Mob, Yunfei Li b,  Yanyun Zhaoc, Guixiang Zhangd, Yunsheng Hud Quality and inte-rnal characteristics of Huanghua pears(Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai, cv. Huanghua) treated with different kinds of coatings during storage Postharve-st Biology and Technology 49 (2008) 171–179

1. 《Principle of Food Engineering》Edited by Yunfei Li and Keshan Ge, Publisher of Chinese Agriculture University, 2002
2. 《Physical Properties of Foods》Edited by Yunfei Li, Publisher of Chinese Light Industry, 2005
3. 《Texture in Food (Semi-solid)》Edited by Brian M. McKenna, Translated by Yunfei Li, Publisher of Chinese Chemistry Industry, 2007
4. 《Answers to Problems of Food Engineering》 Edited by Yunfei Li and Keshan Ge, Publisher of Chine-se Agriculture University, 2005


Email:    Tel: 86-21-34206918

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